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Watch Hear Down Read 190519 - Sunday CallMaster Saint Germain, Master OWS, Master Shoshana. The experiment is over . continue to use the violet flame to purge the old programs that no longer serve you . Use it to allow for a forest fire in your body, that pu...2019.05.19James & JoAnna119
Watch Hear Down Read 190512 - Sunday Call (Mother`s Day)Master Kara, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaLight language. Continue to hold the light even if you are ready to check-out of this planet. Please begin to spread the light to others....2019.05.12James& JoAnna207
Watch Hear Down Read 5-5-19 No Thing, Can Attack You Lord Sananda, Master OWS, Master SoshanaLORD SANANDA (Channeled by James McConnell) I am Sananda. As always, it is my pleasure to be with you, to share with you, to offer these messages of encouragem...2019.05.05James& JoAnna274
Watch Hear Down Read 4-28-19 We are making this change happenMaster Saint Germain, Master OWSI am your Saint Germain. I am pleased to be with you to continue working together with this group, and with you each as individuals. Because together we are all brin...2019.04.28James& JoAnna299
Watch Hear Down Read 4-21-19 You Are Being Prepared Master KarenaKarena (Emissary of the Sirian High Command) and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell Shoshanna - Joanna`s Higher Self These messages were given during ou...2019.04.21James& JoAnna347
Watch Hear Down Read 4-14-19 - Spring Advance, Sunday Morning Part.AMother Mary(Divine Mother), Maria MagdalenaMother Mary (Divine Mother), Maria Magdalena (Channeled by Regina Sisco) We honor you and all that you do. We see you. We love you deeply. I love you deeply and cherish ...2019.04.14James& JoAnna282
Watch Hear Down Read 4-14-19 Spring Advance, Sunday Morning Part.BKara, Master OWS, Master SoshanaI am KaRa. I wish to continue all of this with you, to continue to prepare you for what is ahead. For what you have just done through this one who has given this experie...2019.04.14Select ...251
Watch Hear Down Read 4-14-19 Preparing More And More Of YouMaster OWS, Source, Master OWSAll Of The Energies That Are Coming Into The Planet Are Preparing More and More Of You, KaRa and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell Shoshanna - Joanna`s Hi...2019.04.14James& JoAnna215
Watch Hear Down Read 190413 - Spring Advance, Saturday NightMaster OWSMerge with higher-self meditation, amazing experience!...2019.04.13James221
Watch Hear Down Read 190412 - Spring Advance, Friday NightMaster Saint Germain, Master OWSHistoric Event, gathering of light workers together with the Company of Heaven (COH) bring down the Matrix....2019.04.12James220
Watch Hear Down Read 190411 - Spring Advance, Thursday NightMaster Mika, Master OWSVisit to the famous library inside hollow-earth....2019.04.11James220
Watch Hear Down Read 190407 - Sunday CallLord Sananda, Master OWS......2019.04.07James& JoAnna288
Watch Hear Down Read 100421 - Sunday CallMaster Kara, Master OWS......2019.03.31James& JoAnna299
Watch Hear Down Read 3-24-19 Minor EnergiesMaster Saint Germain, Master OWSThese Energies That Have Been Coming In Are Quite Minor Compared To What Yet Awaits You. Saint Germain and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell Shoshanna -...2019.03.24James& JoAnna348
Watch Hear Down Read 3-17-19 Changes are about to unfold.Lady Kara, Master OWSI am KaRa. I greet you from all of the Pleiadian councils and the many, many ships that we have. We greet you, and we thank you, all of you, all that are listening and ...2019.03.17James404
Watch Hear Down Read 3-10-19 Adama & GalaticsLord Adama, Master OWSI am Adama. I have not spoken through this one for some time but, as others have said now, it is time. It is time to bring to you the next part of your journey, the...2019.03.10James& JoAnna475
Watch Hear Down Read 3-3-19 A great wave of EnergyLord Ashtar, One Who ServesYou Are Going To Experience A Great Wave Of Energy In The Very Near Future. LORD ASHTAR (Channeled by James McConnell) I am Ashtar, To be with you once again in these ...2019.03.03James& JoAnna499
Watch Hear Down Read 2-24-19 Prime InterferenceMaster KarahWe Have Been Given The Go-Ahead To Move The "Prime Directive" Along, And Call It Now “Prime Interference". KaRa (Pleiadian Emissary) channeled by James McConnell Shosha...2019.02.24James& JoAnna382
Watch Hear Down Read 2-17-19 Lord MelchizedekLord Melchizedek, Master OWSI am the one known as Melchizedek. I have not spoken through this one before, nor been with this group before. But it is time. And I prepared this one, James, for this...2019.02.17James& JoAnna461
Watch Hear Down Read 2-10-19 You are certainly changingKara, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaSANANDA (Channeled by James McConnell) I am Sananda. As always, it is a pleasure to be with you, and to be able to assist you in these meditations. But I leav...2019.02.10James& JoAnna615
Watch Hear Down Read 190203 - Sunday CallArchangel Michael, Master OWS......2019.02.03James& JoAnna408
Watch Hear Down Read 1-27-19 So much is in flux nowMaster Saint Germain, Lord Ashtar, Master OWSI am Saint Germain. As always, it is a pleasure to be with you in this way in these moments, for so much is in flux now. So much is shifting and changing. Energie...2019.01.27James & JoAnna521
Watch Hear Down Read 1-20-19 No more DarknessLord Sananda, Kara, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaSpecial Lunar Eclipse Meditation and Message - "No More Will We Allow For This Darkness To Hold Us" Sananda, Pleiadian Emisary KaRa and One Who Serves channeled by James...2019.01.20James& JoAnna340
Watch Hear Down Read 1-13-19 - KaraGoddess Kara, Master OWSI am Sananda, and I release this one now to another who would join you. All of my peace and love be with all of you for all time. KARA Channeled by James McC...2019.01.13James& JoAnna571
Watch Hear Down Read 1-6-9 Brand New YearLord Sananda, Master OWSHere we are again together again at the start of a brand new year, welcoming you to Ancient Awakenings—Prepare for Change. We are here on Blog Talk Radio, as we are ...2019.01.06James& JoAnna482
Watch Hear Down Read 12-31-18 - New Years Eve CallMaster OWS1, Master OWS2Om, mani padme, hum; om, mani padme, hum; hum, hum. (Group om chanting.) Wonderful! We love that you do that with us here! Not many people do the om, mani padme, hum...2018.12.31James& JoAnna548
Watch Hear Down Read 12-23-18 What is Christmas?Master Yeshua, Master OWS1What indeed is Christmas? It is a celebration of my birth, those 2000-plus years ago? Or is it so much more than that? And as many of you ask that question within yoursel...2018.12.23James448
Watch Hear Down Read 12-16-18 EnergiesMaster OWS, Master SoshanaWe will attempt to bring energy. We have already brought a different energy to this one James, and we are attempting to right the ship, you might say, a little bit here,...2018.12.16James& JoAnna488
Watch Hear Down Read 12-9-2018 The Galactic Wave Is Approaching Lord Aramda, Master OWSThe Galactic Wave Is Approaching Aramda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell Shoshanna - Joanna`s Higher Self These messages were given during our we...2018.12.09James& JoAnna643
Watch Hear Down Read 181209 - December Advance (Jeshua)Lord Sananda, Master Jeshua......2018.12.09James502

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