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Watch Hear 220522 - A Signal Has Been Given (Emissary Kara)Emissary Kara, Master OWS, Master Shoshana.....2022.05.22James & JoAnna71
Watch Hear 22.05.15 - Title Pending (Master Saint Germain)Master Saint Germain, Master OWS, Master Shoshana.....2022.05.15James & JoAnna102
Watch Hear 22.05.08 - You Have A Team Guiding You (Lord Sananda)Lord Sananda, Master OWS, Master Shoshana. Sananda said that I come in these special times of great change. . Most of you can take in stronger energies. . You have been acclimating to these energies. . The energies may bring difficult times for the physical body. . You will not feel the density. Allow the process to happen. . It is indeed a knowing that co..2022.05.08James & JoAnna170
Watch Hear 22.05.01 - Diverging Paths (AA Michael)AA Michael, Master OWS, Master Shoshana. Archangel Michael said that he comes as things are changing. . Many do not understand the changes coming for the Light. . The truth is coming. As you go forward, the path is diverging. . You were destined to be on the path to Ascension. . Others are following the path they must travel. . Give them space to live the..2022.05.01James & JoAnna179
Watch Hear 22.04.24 - The Great Change-over Is In Progress (Master Saint Germain)Master Saint Germain, Master OWS, Master Shoshana. Saint Germain said that he came to continue those things we were working on together as one. . Each one has a team working with you. . The time is coming to move on to the next part of your mission. You will be guided through the process. This is the transition foretold for thousands of years. . More people are awake..2022.04.24James & JoAnna161
Watch Hear 22.04.17 - Jesus Brings An Easter Message (Lord Yeshua / Jesus)Lord Yeshua, Master OWS, Master Shoshana. Lord Yeshua said that he came at a time of the renewal of life. . Easter is not about my resurrection but about ascension. . Easter is about all of our ascending humanity together. . These days are about joy, not my death. I didn`t die at that time. . It only matters that I lived. I came to show the way. . I ..2022.04.17James & JoAnna230
Watch Hear 220410 - Take Your Mission Seriously (Ascension Energy)Ascension Energy, Master OWS, Master Shoshana. Ascension Energy is an entity who goes from system to system where an ascension process is happening. . You are coming to a great happening. . A time of awareness that will take you into the higher vistas. . You are creating the higher expression You are bringing heaven to earth. . You who are the Light warriors ..2022.04.10James & JoAnna64
Watch Hear 22.04.03 - Title New Normal (Lord Sananda)Lord Sananda, Master OWS, Master Shoshana . Sananda continues to bring a new expression of love and oneness overtaking life on the planet. . The grand expression of the great plan is unfolding. . Your 5th dimensional consciousness accepts the ramifications of the plan. . You are the Second Coming of Christ. You are more than what you think you are. . Souls a..2022.04.03James & JoAnna157
Watch Hear 220327 - All Is Being Done In The Right Divine Timing (Lord Sananda)Lord Sananda, Master OWS, Master Shoshana Lord Sananda brings forward understanding of what is happening on earth. * Social distancing was initiated by the dark ones to create fear and division. * The plans of the dark are foiled one after another. * The Light Forces are far beyond the forces of darkness. * The Decree went out across the solar system and t..2022.03.27James & JoAnna218
Watch Hear 22.03.20 - Understanding The Truth of Your Being (Lord Ashtar)Lord Ashtar, Master OWS, Master Shoshana* Lord Ashtar came to help understand the truth of your being and what to do. * You are here to assist with the Ascension process. * You are like a blank slate on a computer program. * As you create the new programs, the new reality is created. * You create the new higher expression of Gaia. * You would understan..2022.03.20James & JoAnna361
Watch Hear 22.03.13 - Programming is Being Dissolved ( Master Saint Germain )Master Saint Germain, Master OWS* You are all moving forward as a collective. * Do not become ensconced in the old illusion. * Unmistakable proof is coming quickly. * New expression has been preordained. * You are being prepared to move through the Ascension process. * You will have help to move through the Ascension process. * Be aware of wh..2022.03.13James264
Watch Hear 22.03.06 - Title Pending (Lord Ashtar)Lord Ashtar, Master OWS, Master Shoshana* All life is moving to a higher vibrational frequency * Light energy is flooding to the planet from higher cosmic source * Fifth dimensional sun is expressing more * Everything is collapsing around the third dimensional illusion * Those holding truth back are forced to disclose truth to stay in control ..2022.03.06James & JoAnna282
Watch Hear 20227 - Preparing For Ascension (Master Sugaru)Master Sugacuraru, Master OWSMaster Sugacuraru from the Higher Temple in the Himalayas speaks. He watches all the Light working communities. The transition will get rockier. Let the illusion go and the matrix goes Acclimate to the higher energies. Social network Truth Social greatly assists. Everything is on course. The Alliance is fully in cont..2022.02.27James252
Watch Hear 220220 - Freedom Is At Hand (Master Saint Germain)Master Saint Germain, Master OWSThis is about a letting go process. Be established in the new life moving forward. Your mission will evolve with the ascension process. Be the observer as much as you can. Man`s consciousness is raising frequency. It shows in the Schumann Resonance. All thoughts, actions go into the Universal Mind...2022.02.20James297
Watch Hear 22.02.13 - Touch Someone With Your Light (Lord Sananda)Lord Sananda, Master OWSLet go of patterns, programs. You are acclimating to higher energies. Touch someone with your light. Moving from service to self to service to others. Change in vibration opens your Gifts of Spirit. You access multidimensional selves in sleep state experiences. Kundalini expression opening. Move freely through the transform..2022.02.13James269
Watch Hear 22.01.06 - (Master Saint Germain)Master Saint Germian, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaTransforming the illusions to higher vibrational frequency. Transition is proceeding the great ascension of man. Romana Didulo has a great mission. She is part of the beginning process of New Light Coming to the Planet. First Canada then will expand as more become aware of her mission...2022.02.06James & JoAnna348
Watch Hear 22.01.30 - Freedom of Choice ( Lord Ashtar )Lord Ashtar, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaFreedom of Choice. Forces of Light know every move of dark. Only love,light,oneness, source of all creation, will be in each one of you. Extreme dizziness sign of vibrational change in nervous system. Causes immune systems to right themselves. Healing is based on consciousness of being. Trump is saving America...2022.01.30James & JoAnna326
Watch Hear 220123 - In Order To Ascend You Must Let Go ( Master Saint Germain )Master Saint Germain, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaMore of you are communing with nature, experiencing the love, knowing, remembering the I AM Presence within. You must fully realize you are the way, the truth and the life. You are the Christ Consciousness. A soul is the record of who you have been your entire existence. All animals are 5th dimensional...2022.01.23James & JoAnna315
Watch Hear 220116 - Vizualize It To Create ItEmmissary Kara, Master OWS, Master Shoshana Great awakening in motion. Many remembering who they are. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. 5th dimensional expression. Ascension wave coming. Walk through ascension door. Cloning facilities destroyed. Trump is leader with energy of a thousand men, a thousand lifetimes...2022.01.16James & JoAnna322
Watch Hear 220109 - Virus is Meant To Move Through, So Be At Peace! (Lord Sananda)Lord Sananda, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaChanges crescendo. Virus destined for elimination. Be at peace in a loving world. Nothing holds you back. Trust galactics helping. Realize your full potential. Secrets exposed. Planet transitioning to higher consciousness. No reason to fear passing. Humanitarian projects part of transitioning. Service to others. Be in momen..2022.01.09James & JoAnna334
Watch Hear 220102 - Continue To Be In The Now (Master Saint Germain)Master Saint Germain, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaSaint Germain said process of becoming who you came here to be. Believing is seeing not seeing is believing. Fifth dimensional expression has no past, no future, only now. Gather as one in freedom of choice. Many shall awaken. Violet flame purges out old program. Dark forces caused fires in Colorado...2022.01.02James & JoAnna345
Watch Hear 211231 - 2021 New Years MessageMasters OWS, Master Shoshana... ..2021.12.31James & JoAnna371
Watch Hear 211226 - Evidence of Our Arrival (Archangel Michael)AA MIchael, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaNo dark forces on planet, solar system, galaxy. Full disclosure. World united as one collective consciousness. Connect to higher self and higher selves beyond that. Guides coming. Fork in road. Left dark, straight same, right five D. Astounding truth coming. Quantum financial system is transition process. Cabal rounded up. ..2021.12.26James & JoAnna450
Watch Hear 211219 - The Birthing of Christ Consciousness ( Lord Yeshua )Lord Yeshua, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaYeshua said he came to birth Christ Consciousness to the planet. The star of Bethlehem is a ship not a star. Raise yourself up to hold the higher vibration. You can be a vegetarian if you feel the calling. Goal of ascension is integration merging all of yourselves into one fully. Forgive, forget, move on. Live in the ..2021.12.19James & JoAnna458
Watch Hear 211212 - Just By Being Awake, You Are Doing Something ( Emissary Kara )Emissary Kara, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaCouncils are in space, in planet, on planet. Unification of those overseeing projects to bring freedom. Fear is lessened. Truth released and will become a flood. Culmination. Viruses go in you and through you. Immune system strengthens. On mental, etheric plane, experience moves consciousness forward. Illness brings ..2021.12.12James & JoAnna363
Watch Hear 211205 - Time To End The Game ( Lord Sananda )Master Yeshua (Jesus), Master OWS, Master ShoshanaConnection with creator is within. Forgive, Forget. Move on. Stop analyzing. Release attachments. Do your higher God selfs mission. Obstacles opportunities for growth. Spread Christ Consciousness. Identity not important Only the mission. Higher heart is knowing center. Choose path. Master it. Give up doubt to faith, trust. ..2021.12.05James & JoAnna526
Watch Hear 211121 - Forgive Forget And Move-on (Lord Sananda)Lord Sananda, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaThose in higher frequencies will be in the perfect now moment. No past. No future. Let the universe take over to work for you. Your life will take a new turn. Higher technologies are being readied. Great consciousness battle occurring. Do not comply. Stand for freedom. Oppressed will be assisted...2021.11.21James & JoAnna508
Watch Hear 21.11.14 - System No Longer Works ( Emissary Kara )Emissary Kara, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaSystem no longer works for collective consciousness. Humanity lied to for eons. Once you achieve divine consciousness, you have freedom. Release attachments to circumstances. Help all beings. Become them. Uplift them. Consecrate them. You are here because of those you serve. Do not give up. Do not give in. Release program...2021.11.14James & JoAnna514
Watch Hear 211107 - Sunday Call (Master Saint Germain)Master Saint Germain, Master OWS, Master ShoshanaHold onto your mission. You are moving the timeline to a higher vibration. Do not become afraid of anything. Old forces defeated. Many removed from planet. Violet flame and sword of Archangel Michael powerful tools. Dreams are experiences in astral and etheric worlds. Protect your mental, physical, spiritual body.. ..2021.11.07James & JoAnna473
Watch Hear 21.10.31 - Halloween Call (Master Saint Germain)Master Saint Germain, Master OWSLight is returning. Dark fights for control. This must end. Continue to trust. Light is stronger in all individuals. Big changes coming. Ancient Awakenings is influential. Waves of energy stronger. Much is covered up. Technology can be negative or positive depending on what it appears to you...2021.10.31James478

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